We feature a reliable roster of select services that are meant to meet all your most pressing automotive needs. Hester Towing, Recovery and Garage offers our customers in Morehead towing and recovery. We provide our services around the clock, including 24/7 roadside assistance to make sure you keep it moving even in your most desperate hour. pride in performing precision repair and giving you the best service possible when you bring your car or truck to our garage.

24/7 Towing

When you require dependable towing in Kentucky, Hester is the absolute best available! This full-service towing provider offers our customers exceptional capability, service and customer satisfaction. Our trucks are well-maintained, and we treat your vehicles as if they were our own. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on each tow. Offering full-scale capability, this fleet is ready to complete light duty, medium duty and heavy-duty towing assignments. No matter whether you need logistical support or emergency accident recovery, rely on us to have fast and effective solutions to your situation.

Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery

Our fleet has heavy-duty towing capability! We operate 24/7 to meet your heavy-duty towing and recovery needs exactly when you need them. Heavy-duty tows take special attention to take them on properly. Whether you need an emergency recovery or just a normal tow, call Hester Towing, Recovery and Garage. Our team of trained and experienced towing professionals provides a fast, organized and safe response. Hester Towing, Recovery and Garage is your reliable source for heavy-duty services to meet the demands of the trucking and transport industry.

Roadside Assistance

If you get stranded on the side of the road in Kentucky, Hester Towing, Recovery and Garage will come to your rescue. We offer roadside assistance you can count on! Call us whenever you find yourself stuck in and around Morehead. We remedy roadside emergencies with a reliable list of services, including 24-hour towing, lockout service and tire changes. You can count on us for all your emergency roadside services.

We take pride in performing precision repair and providing the best service possible. Our trucks are well-maintained, and we treat your vehicles as if they were our own. Whenever you need fast, friendly service at fair prices, give us a call. The entire Hester team is here to help 24/7 no matter the situation!

Equipment Transport and Hauling

Your heavy-duty equipment requires special handling and care during transport. Hester has the hauling capacity you need to transport a full range of diesel equipment. Our fleet of flatbed trucks is perfect for large transports. We also utilize the assistance of other vehicles during transport to provide safe navigation of our flatbeds and logistical support. We employ a top-notch team that works together to make your equipment delivery safe, sound and seamless.

When moving large equipment such as bulldozers, tractors and cranes, it’s important to choose a transport company that’s going to get it right. Hester Towing, Recovery and Garage provides expert service at reasonable prices. Choose Hester for all your equipment transport and hauling needs.

Auto Repair and Mobile Mechanic

Hester Towing, Recovery and Garage is capable of full-service auto repair. We take pride in performing precision repair and providing you the absolute best service possible. Offering a wide range of services, we can get to the bottom and solve many mechanical failures that might leave you stuck on the side of the road.

When your commute is put on hold, let us go to you! Our team of mechanics can meet you at the scene of a breakdown to administer roadside repairs. We’ll do what we can to get your car back in working order from the side of the road. If your car trouble appears to be something better handled at a repair facility, we’ll tow your car back to our garage for repairs—or take you to the shop of your choice.

Truck Repair and Maintenance

At our fully-equipped garage in Morehead, our team of expert mechanics provides effective solutions for diesel trucks. Offering maintenance and repair services, Hester is the best choice for you to maintain the power of your truck on all your hauls. We do regular maintenance such as oil changes, battery service and tire changes. Our garage can accommodate a full range of trucks no matter how large from small trucks to extra-large tractor trailers.

If your haul is put on stall, call Hester to tow your truck to our shop for effective repair. Our mechanics are diesel engine experts. They can accurately diagnose your situation and provide an effective, efficient and reliable solution to get you back on the road as soon as you can. We take pride in performing precision repair and providing you the absolute best service possible.